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Starting Over

I spent all of 2020 making excuses for why I couldn’t be consistent with my blog and YouTube channel. At some point, you must look in the mirror and detest what you see. So much for body positivity huh? I am not talking about that quarantine body of yours, but more so your lack of

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I Need Life Insurance

Life insurance sounds morbid. I am 29, full of life and haven’t felt sick in years. On the other side of this coin, I am a finance buff who preaches preservation of wealth and risk management; how antithetical of me to walk around with no life insurance right? Up until December 2019, I only had

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When a legend calls, you answer

It was pure chance that I met Rahman (better known as Folabi). We both had applied for an accounting internship at a small company and were excited when we were awarded the positions. We were complete strangers; two young men looking for resume builders and more importantly at the time, extra cash! I remember our

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Book Reviews (2 for 1): The Other Wes Moore & The Whisper of Fire

Coming to you with 2 new book reviews. With everything going on in life and the holiday season coming up, it only makes sense to consolidate these two reviews into one. If you aren’t privy to my book reviews yet, I give a brief summary about the book without providing any spoilers for anyone interested

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Are you a Man or a Young Man?

Life is sweet! I haven’t been as consistent with my blog posts due to everything God has been revealing to me. I’m 100% sure I’ll be going back to school this spring, getting a new apartment, visiting more family members, traveling, and taking on new responsibilities at work. That’s just to name a few things

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Ainsley & Troupe: Men’s Fashion Brand

Pictures say more than words, so i put together a mini photoshoot to showcase my friend’s fashion brand for men. Ainsley&Troupe is Ronald Callendar’s creation. Ron, as I call him, went to University of Maryland Baltimore County with me. We had many battles on the hardwood, but always had a mutual respect off the court. I

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