Knees bent and follow through: Shooting my shot


I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel, and that folks is exactly what I did today. There were a lot of obstacles in the way of starting this venture, the biggest being myself. I was my biggest doubter: you aren’t funny enough, you don’t even look good on camera, you sound goofy etc. Whatever reason to postpone shooting a video, I made it!


Once I finally got the confidence to get in front of the camera, I faced another challenge. Lack of content. I am on Instagram and usually post short stories about my day. The reception is great! I get a lot of good laughs and feedback which also led me to want to take the same approach on YouTube.


Not gonna work…


YouTube is just a different beast in its own. My Instagram stories are only 15/20 secs long and my audience consisted of friends who already knew me. Getting in front of a camera and trying to hold an audience for minutes was daunting. I came up with some atrocious ideas to capture an audience.


1st idea: Shoot videos shirtless because chicks love abs…. Ive since given up the THOT lifestyle and having attention taken away from my message isn’t the direction I want to go.  Plus these abs aint all that lol.


2nd idea: Talk with my Nigerian accent. Basically play into what I see others doing. I’m a conversational funny, not a stand up comedian and this wasn’t playing to my strengths.


After shooting a few videos (Ill share if I feel really good one day), I threw all of the out. They were GARBAGE. I prayed to God for direction, took a shower the next day and an internal voice just said “Be yourself.”


So that what I did. I cut the camera on with no script and just spoke my mind, the same way I write my blog posts. Check out my 1st video, subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram!

5 comments on “Knees bent and follow through: Shooting my shot”

  1. Great content! I’m you took The Big Man’s advice and decided to be
    yourself! You have an exuberant personality and I think YouTube is the perfect platform to showcase it. I am definitely looking forward to more videos.

    P.S. I’m trying to cash out so I’ll be staying tuned for those filler words.


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