Author: longlivetobe

I Still Love Love

I have always dreamt of giving the things I never had. I never had a man give me a “sex talk” as an adolescent, I never had a man tell me “it will be alright” after I messed up, and most of all, I never had a man tell me “I am proud of you”

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Happy Valentines day

Regardless of your relationship status, love should be celebrated everyday. Today is just one day that the world chooses to recognize love.  The world can be a strange place, a place where standards change by the TikTok and love is measured by how many thumbs approve (likes/comments). Hopefully you don’t misinterpret my thoughts; I don’t

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I Need Life Insurance

Life insurance sounds morbid. I am 29, full of life and haven’t felt sick in years. On the other side of this coin, I am a finance buff who preaches preservation of wealth and risk management; how antithetical of me to walk around with no life insurance right? Up until December 2019, I only had

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