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Get a man pt. 2 – The LongLiveTobe way

Somethings deserved a sequel, like The Blueprint 2; others need to be preserved in time never to be duplicated, like Martin. Some might not share my sentiments about the culture, but then again, who made me a tastemaker? All I know is that the original post Get a man – The LongLiveTobe way brought me

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Get A Man – The LongLiveTobe way

*Disclaimer: These are views from a single man. Don’t come crying to me because my methods didn’t guarantee the man of your dreams. Go and pray sis.   I grew up with 3 beautiful sisters and a lovely mother in a single parent household. I had an older brother, but he was out of the

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Shoot Ya Shot 2017 Campaign

So, I’m going through a phase with women right now (chill out cuhh, I’m straight). Either I meet a decent woman with boring conversation or the other way around. I also find myself attracting younger women who like to dive head first into the land of the DM’s with no helmet or regard for collision

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