Shoot Ya Shot 2017 Campaign

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So, I’m going through a phase with women right now (chill out cuhh, I’m straight). Either I meet a decent woman with boring conversation or the other way around. I also find myself attracting younger women who like to dive head first into the land of the DM’s with no helmet or regard for collision impact. I played basketball in my youth, so I know how to beat a full court press, but it always bothers me to witness their approach. Do you like the mold or do you actually like me?

Let’s take a step back into the life of a man. If you can spare $25 every couple of weekends for a fresh cut, make a decent living, over 6 feet, and have no kids, you might be lottery pick status. There are other external characteristics that increase draft stock, but just dwell on the aforementioned. Do you know how many men fit this mold, but have a million other demons behind the curtains? Some women are signing up for a large and sexy box of air/nothingness (like those tall inflatable balloons you see outside car dealers). I say “some,” because I still have faith that there are good/quality women out in the world. Not every woman that shoots their shot is aiming at a phantom target. I see a lot of couples in the social atmosphere being glorified, and I’m genuinely happy for them, but for every happy couple, there seems to be 5 or so women who wish they had something that looks just as good! The problem arises when you give men the benefit of the doubt based solely on that outer mold.

I wonder if women ever dream of waking up to a tall handsome man incapable of supporting a family spiritually and mentally. I know it’s the age of feminism, but I know some good guys that are paradigms for how to support and love a woman. It’s beyond the MCM recognition and the “lit” pics with 3k likes on IG. It’s about providing comfort to a woman no matter your situation. Thank you to all my guys who I look up to holding it down with their families.Don’t need to say any names as they know who they are.

*Disclaimer: If you are a bit younger than me, 22-24, God fearing, and have been interacting with me in my DMs, PLEASE DON’T STOP! In the words of Taxstone, BE SAFE THO.




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