Category: Relationships

I Still Love Love

I have always dreamt of giving the things I never had. I never had a man give me a “sex talk” as an adolescent, I never had a man tell me “it will be alright” after I messed up, and most of all, I never had a man tell me “I am proud of you”

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Happy Valentines day

Regardless of your relationship status, love should be celebrated everyday. Today is just one day that the world chooses to recognize love.  The world can be a strange place, a place where standards change by the TikTok and love is measured by how many thumbs approve (likes/comments). Hopefully you don’t misinterpret my thoughts; I don’t

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I look like the “dickhead” brother who can’t settle down

There are a handful of directions I could have taken with this post. I was blessed to take a vacation with my beautiful family, something we have not done in decades. The picture you see covers three generations from my mom, me and my siblings, and the younger nephews and nieces. As I prepared to

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