Happy Valentines day

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Regardless of your relationship status, love should be celebrated everyday. Today is just one day that the world chooses to recognize love. 

The world can be a strange place, a place where standards change by the TikTok and love is measured by how many thumbs approve (likes/comments). Hopefully you don’t misinterpret my thoughts; I don’t think showcasing what you received for valentines day is a terrible thing. I just hope all that is not showcased brings you the same joy. 

I had a girl once (or twice) who taught me a valuable lesson about healthiness. I was growing my beard and it looked really nice. I would post on the gram, get my likes, an occasional DM and just knew the beard was hittin. This woman I started dating noticed my sink was always full of hair and asked why I was so messy (if I was petty I would have talked about her bathroom, but I digress). I explained to her that my beard always has hair falling out when I comb it. She examined my beard up close and was shocked to find so many split ends. She then asked what I put in my beard and I told her nothing except when I shower using my “bodywash” and an oil sheen when I want to do shine shine bobo. She was dumbfounded, telling me that I need to treat my beard just like the hair on my head and oil/moisturize it frequently

My beard was getting me the attention I wanted, but up close and personal it was a nasty little thing lol. She ultimately made me trim the beard to rid myself of all the split ends and start growing it back healthy. Once I created a better routine for my beard, it stopped itching as much, grew longer and stopped shedding as much. Too bad I didn’t keep shorty around to witness the fruits of her labor (it wasn’t me *shaggy voice). 

I don’t know what the split ends in your relationship may be, but a healthy relationship leaves you with less to clean up and more growth. As you celebrate valentines day, I pray you celebrate healthy love that spans beyond 24hrs.

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1 comments on “Happy Valentines day”

  1. The lesson “I don’t know what the split ends in your relationship may be, but a healthy relationship leaves you with less to clean up and more growth”.


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