Appreciation Post – My Guys

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Some men never die,

Some men never live,

But we are alive tonight

That was a quote we read at a bar in Bali. We might have been on our 4th round of shots when we saw the quote, so it merely served as a drinking anthem, but it meant a little more to me after sobering up.

My three friends and I planned a trip to Bali (with the help of our beloveds) and it was another notch on our travel belts. The travel belt includes places like Miami, Atlanta, LA, Vegas, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic. Come to think of it, we have been traveling together for over 6 years now. A lot has changed with all 4 individuals in the featured picture, but when we are together, we know how to live and cherish the moment.

“But we are alive tonight”

Life has given us all gut punches, and as men with obligations and responsibilities, we sometimes don’t get a chance to recover in a healthy way. Life is difficult at times and as black men we sometimes resort to trivial and dangerous methods of coping. To have a group of men I could always talk to and experience new things with is a luxury I pray every man in his 20’s is afforded. What these men have afforded me is an open space to relax, get my jokes off, talk about my failures, seek advice and if need be, borrow a few dollars. If anyone of us is on the verge of diving off the deep end, we address it! I can honestly say that I love this group of men and have benefited from our friendship.

Thank you Mike, Lamont and Rich for the purpose you serve in my life. Apparently as we approach 30 we have to settle down and stop asking “whats the move.” Im good on that if you all are! (s/o to Ahmed as well)

Enjoy some pics from our previous trips!

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