Are you a Man or a Young Man?


Life is sweet! I haven’t been as consistent with my blog posts due to everything God has been revealing to me. I’m 100% sure I’ll be going back to school this spring, getting a new apartment, visiting more family members, traveling, and taking on new responsibilities at work. That’s just to name a few things slowing my writing process down.


I decided to catch up with my mom this past Sunday and attend service at my childhood church. It was good to see the church community I grew up with, but I will say I gave and received way too many cheek kisses to some beautiful grandmothers.  While I was praying, I got my next blog post idea! Isn’t God wonderful?

I prayed to God and thanked him for making me into such a great young man, but I paused and thought to myself “am I not a man, and not just a young man?” Men in society love to be young; you have men who are 25+ claiming they are lil/young “insert silly moniker.” Everyone wants to live in the moment and be hip so they don’t seem old, but is being old really that bad? For a man, with age comes wisdom and experience. Age also should garner respect from younger men as older men should be the paradigm for prosperity. Please join me and view the video I shot to discuss some differences between a man and a young man. There is nothing wrong with being a young man, but we need to understand with age there should be maturity.


I changed the setting for this video and I also was standing! Most speeches are administered standing so I believe this was a good change. Some things I noticed:


  1. I tend to rock side to side when speaking. Gotta get my composure
  2. Cut down on the “ya know” filler phrases.
  3. Look at the Camera more frequently


If you spot anything else that I can improve on please let me know! Thanks for tuning in.

2 comments on “Are you a Man or a Young Man?”

  1. Hi, interesting content and perspective! For the video, I would recommend, being at eye level with your audience. Standing far from the camera doesnt allow the audience to feel that this is 1-on-1. You want the individual viewer to feel as if you are talking to/with them. Also, choose a background that’s not as busy. Perhaps at a desk with a solid background/ book shelves. Or stay a nice natural outdoor view. Great work!


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