The magic month of May


May always holds sentimental value to me as this is my birth month. As I got older I started to resent the earlier half of the month as I had to shell out cash for a mothers day gift. Repugnant, I know, but I have long changed my view on the day designated to my one and only Mama B.

May 2018 was very different for me as I have been cooped up in the house for the past 4 months studying for an exam I sometimes question (the CFA is not for the weak). If not for my family and friends, I probably would have spent the entire month wallowing in books and an occasional Netflix series. My entire month can be summarized by four words: Service, Gratitude, Struggle and Celebration.


I started out the month in service with a mentoring session on Entrepreneurship. Thank you to For Our Boys Mentoring Program for allowing me to co-lead with my guy Jason on this event. Besides the kids laughing at me when I told them I used to be “fresh” in college, it was a refreshing event.



“Oh black woman, without thee there would be no me” – Tobeshakespeare (Google him)

My mother is a special woman; therefore I have no problems catering to her every need on this day. We started out going to church, then we went to a florist to buy a very extravagant and expensive (I was hurttd) bouquet. We ended the afternoon going to Roys Restaurant in Downtown Baltimore. Great food mixed with long conversations and safe to say I’m still mama’s favorite 😉

On Muva's!
On muva’s!


TOUGH MUDDER PHILLY – The name says it all. This event was very significant because I ran it with my close friends Mike and Ahmed. It also occurred on my birthday! Yes, I woke up early on May 19th, said a prayer and ran 10 miles and approximately 20 obstacle courses. Again, I was hurttd, but I kept thinking of Romans 8 and yelling out Abba Father whenever I thought I would quit. We all crossed the finish line holding hands! It was a struggle but we conquered our mind and body.


Venue – Buddakan Philadelphia….. Mood after – DELECTABLE

Thank you to my friends for showing up and helping me end my night. I had “Le Duck,” like the entire duck and it was to live for (I aint tryna die for duck). After a few drinks and food, I was beyond tired and took my old 28 year old body back home.


May has been great for me, hope the same goes for you! I take my exam in June and I’m ready to celebrate once its done! Pray for me and I’ll do the same for you!


Much Love!!!!




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