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Loyalty x Labor x Black Men

Harrison Barnes is a millionaire. He is scheduled to make above $20 million this NBA season and is one of the top 3 players for the Dallas Mavericks. The picture featured in this post depicts a 26 year old athlete in the middle of an actual game finding out that he has been traded to

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Get a man pt. 2 – The LongLiveTobe way

Somethings deserved a sequel, like The Blueprint 2; others need to be preserved in time never to be duplicated, like Martin. Some might not share my sentiments about the culture, but then again, who made me a tastemaker? All I know is that the original post Get a man – The LongLiveTobe way brought me

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MLK Day of Service 2018

I have decided to stick to love … Hate is too great a burden to bear. Martin Luther King Jr. was born January 15th 1929. He is America’s most celebrated civil rights activist and his legacy is reprised even though he was assassinated at the young age of 39. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on his

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