29th Birthday Post


I honestly had no plans for my birthday this year. I have had numerous people ask me what I want to do and the answer has been consistent: I’m a be good chillin this year.

I actually lied. Due to my studying, time constraints from community causes, and life throwing an occasional wrench at me, I haven’t been able to write as much as I would love to this year. Welp, its my birthday today and I can write if I want to!

What to write about? I have been thinking about my dad lately (blame Iron man and his scene with his dad from endgame, Creed II and Adonis and other sappy movies lol) so I think for my 29th birthday I’ll give him a shout out and have a talk with him (My dad passed away in 2015 and I never got to speak to him as an adult).

Hey Dad, I’m 29 today and don’t have a clue what to do. So i figured I would check up on you. This isn’t the 20 year old me that was a little irate you never checked for me. This is the older me that realizes shit is real lol. I do wish I would have picked up the phone that one time Jeanny told me you would call, but hey, let bygones be bygones. I started to think about you out the blue because I wondered what you were doing at 29. I would ask my mom, but you know how mom is lol. You really did a number on her. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree either cuz I got some women stories to catch you up on lol. You were probably a husband and father at 29, bringing in my older bro Jr. You probably had more money than me at 29, but I’m holding my own. Shit, you should have left me something…. maybe you did and I just never bothered to check (now would be a great time to let me know lol). All jokes aside, I think I’m much better than you at 29. Relax dad, I know how confident you are, but you gotta admit it!

Life as a 29 year old is promising. Im studying for my CFA level 2 and you know how much I hate tests. Oh, thanks for never beating me for having poor grades as a kid lol. You could have calmed mom down tho lol. I got better with school as I got older, but I always hated school. If I pass the level 2, I’ll have to pass the level 3 in a years time. I’m honestly burned out from studying. I moved back to Baltimore from Delaware too. Back in the house with mom at 29 was never in my plans, but I’m able to help her out with bills while enjoying home cooked meals. I can imagine you not liking that. Although I wasn’t old enough to have meaningful and deeper conversations with you, I know you were very proud and had many people who depended on you. You would never move back in with your parents. If you were here, I would have loved to hear your opinion about my grand plan and what you would have done in my shoes. I would have loved to hear Jr’s thoughts but he isn’t speaking to me at the moment. My only guiding light into my recent decisions has been God. I still think I’m better than you, but thats probably every father’s wish so I can’t imagine you being mad at that.

To be honest dad, on paper you probably were a lot better than me at 29. I remember you having the all white Benz i used to call “V boot” and you also had the black Trofeo coupe that was super cool to ride in. Till this day, my dream car has always been a Benz because of you. You also had mom pushing a Benz back then. You were the man. I know you will have a chuckle once I get my 1st Benz. And whoever I marry, I’ll put em in a Benz just like you did with mom lol. Speaking of marriage, I’m getting up there big guy lol. You know we have a lot of similarities, some good and some bad. Mom always used to tell me as a kid that I lie just like you lol. I thank God for taking away my penchant for telling lies. The other trait you passed down to me was the love of women. I was a kid and I knew some of ya joints names lol. This is a special birthday for me because I actually hit the 1 year mark of celibacy. I know you can’t believe that because I can’t even believe it, but it was only through God’s mercy I was able to tame the dragon. Thats where I know we deviate as men. I’m not signing up for priesthood, but i’m done with my savage years. I’ll testify on my wedding day how God helped me suppress my appetite.

This was cool. I most likely won’t write you next year, but I’ll keep you in my prayers. I got plans dad… Just wait and see

3 comments on “29th Birthday Post”

  1. I don’t think you know how special this is! This is gold! You’re a brilliant and captivating writer. You’ve inspired me. I am gonna start writing again because of you. Sorry about your dad, I am sure you’re making him proud! And congrats on your achievements and milestones!!!


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