2019 1st Half Results

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I seriously encourage everyone to take some time and reflect on the year thus far. Really sit back and reflect on where you are right now compared to Dec. 31st when you were setting your goals. For me, I am in an uncertain, but great spot halfway through the year. My big goal for 2019 was to pass the CFA level II, which I took in June and am awaiting my results. I lack consternation as I know I did the best that I could do given my circumstances. Moving to another state, starting a new job, dealing with a break-up (I’m mad emotional, cut my hair on some waiting to exhale ish lol), having to study off my phone due to lack of wifi, practicing asceticism……. I most definitely was tested during this 1st half of the year.


As I sit and reflect on the year, it hits me that I am Jody! Not baby boy Jody, but Jody Meeks from the Toronto Raptors in the featured picture for this post. This 1st half may have been dull on a personal note due to my studies, but I have been a witness to a lot of greatness! Imagine being able to watch Kawhi work during the finals, or better yet Jordan in his prime? Nahh, imagine watching Kobe from the sideline put up 81 against the Raptors! That’s the feeling I have felt being able to witness some the great things my friends have accomplished this year.


  1. Gotta shout out my boy Mark on extending the family with baby girl: I tell you this all the time, but I don’t think you know how inspiring you are to me. I know your story bro! To see where you were, and how you made no excuses and raised a family. That’s exactly what I strive to be; a great husband and father. Thank you for allowing me to share in the joys of your family and I promise I wont let Trey down as his god father.
  2. Josh aka slick aka Mr. Viral – My podcast host with whom I record with every week! I heard you set your goals at the end of the year and I got to see you prep and conquer each one of them. The crazy thing about it, you aren’t even finished. You set MOUNTAIN HIGH goals and I will be honest; I thought you were going to run yourself crazy. Well, that boy is bad lol. I have really enjoyed seeing your progress and I pray you nothing but success for the remainder of the year. Oh yeah, make sure you check out his latest venture 200-k.com.
  3. Ujuchris – It was just yesterday that we were trying to conquer UIU LA lmaoooo. To see your growth in Christ has been inspiring. You switched careers from Finance to IT and we made it out of JP lol. I heard the news today and was ecstatic. You can’t keep a man of God down for too long! I can attest to how hard it is eschewing from certain things due to your faith. I respect your journey and also keep you in my prayers.


I have way too many friends to shout out on this journey. For the 2nd half of the year, let’s all find ways to cheer on one another. Nobody wants to be around a crew of snakes and its plenty money for everyone! My goals for the 2nd half of 2019 include keeping up with the blog, learning more Igbo, more mentoring, and finishing up this website for BTO Consulting!



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