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When a legend calls, you answer

It was pure chance that I met Rahman (better known as Folabi). We both had applied for an accounting internship at a small company and were excited when we were awarded the positions. We were complete strangers; two young men looking for resume builders and more importantly at the time, extra cash! I remember our

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A brief story: The Reformed Sneakerhead

Today, being a sneakerhead is a complicated hobby. Backdoor policies at stores, resellers and hypebeasts make it an arduous task collecting your favorite pair of sneakers (I’ll try not to sound like the bitter old guy that couldn’t score a pair of yeezy’s because the kids in front of me copped 5 pairs each lol).

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Get A Man – The LongLiveTobe way

*Disclaimer: These are views from a single man. Don’t come crying to me because my methods didn’t guarantee the man of your dreams. Go and pray sis.   I grew up with 3 beautiful sisters and a lovely mother in a single parent household. I had an older brother, but he was out of the

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