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Get a man pt. 2 – The LongLiveTobe way

Somethings deserved a sequel, like The Blueprint 2; others need to be preserved in time never to be duplicated, like Martin. Some might not share my sentiments about the culture, but then again, who made me a tastemaker? All I know is that the original post Get a man – The LongLiveTobe way brought me

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Are you a Man or a Young Man?

Life is sweet! I haven’t been as consistent with my blog posts due to everything God has been revealing to me. I’m 100% sure I’ll be going back to school this spring, getting a new apartment, visiting more family members, traveling, and taking on new responsibilities at work. That’s just to name a few things

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If Boomerang had a Sequel….

I caught on to Boomerang pretty late, but it ascended to the top of my must-watch movies after the first viewing. I always gravitate towards transcendent figures and do my research on all their work. Eddie Murphy was the king of raw comedy (in my opinion) and I felt he cracked Hollywood’s color barrier with

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