If Boomerang had a Sequel….

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I caught on to Boomerang pretty late, but it ascended to the top of my must-watch movies after the first viewing. I always gravitate towards transcendent figures and do my research on all their work. Eddie Murphy was the king of raw comedy (in my opinion) and I felt he cracked Hollywood’s color barrier with his early movies: Beverly hills Cop, Coming to America, Trading Places, Raw, Golden Child, etc. Add Boomerang to that list. I won’t spoil the movie for those who haven’t watched it yet, but there is a scene where Marcus (Eddie), Gerard (David A. Grier), and Tyler (Martin Lawrence) go to the gym to kick it and crack jokes on each other; this scene stood out to me after about the 3rd time watching the movie. What’s up with these new school fellas that can’t get together to have a good time outside of the club or social media? Realizing I was a hypocrite, I decided to do pivot on my usual ways; I hit up the group chat with a “yoooooo whats good with the gym” (group consisting of myself, Mike, Pax, Rich and Lamont). All but my guy Lamont agreed to come out; he is a very busy guy ya know.

I won’t give my friends character names, but I will definitely say I am not the Marcus in the group lol. I am more of the Gerard (I ain’t got no girl and I’m so innocent lmao). We chose LA Fitness, trial passes of course. I’m all about frugality. Pax even brought my Godson which always is a good time. I love to see him amongst responsible men and I strive to be a paradigm of what he should strive to exceed as he grows up. We all vary in strength, but we resolved to do a group ab and chest session. Check out the video below to see the results lol (let’s just say Mike a punk).

After the workout session we visited Nacho Mama’s to chow down. I had never been here before, but it wasn’t that expensive and the tilapia was to die for (Insert Drake lyric: I think I’d die for youuuu, Controlla). The day was great and not one bottle popped or joint/chick was involved. In conclusion, we represented as black men coming together to better our physical condition, bonded over good food, and inspire the youth/young cub that tagged along with us. He lost his two front teeth and I joke that he looks like coach Ty (that’s a bmore inside joke), but I love my god son dearly.


Guys: If ya boys can’t turn down to have a meaningful and fruitful talk, they not really for you. Realign ya circle with some real men.

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