24 Hours To Live

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I click baited the mess out of this title. I was listening to the Bad Boy 20th Anniversary Box Set album and heard “24 Hrs. to live” by Mase, Black Rob, Lox, and DMX, quickly becoming pensive. I don’t know if I have 24 hours to live simply because God can call at any moment, but if I knew for sure I only had that amount of life left……. (Of course I would pray for my soul, but for the sake of elongated discourse, let’s skip that)

1st executive order, since we are getting showered with them lately lol, would be to take out a credit card with the max limit available (let’s say $30k; large credit lines are usually reserved for the affluent). I would then contact my immediate family and ask them what their biggest financial burden is, and alleviate their struggle. The debt will die with me, so it won’t transfer to family and I’d run off on the plug for sure.

2nd executive order: Lace up my sneakers and find the nearest gym. I gotta ball before I leave bro! Ball is Life! I am trying to make more time for the courts with work and family being so integrated into my life. I remember those days when I used to run every day with my boy Steve, Ozell, Dayo, Ron, and the fellas. The good ole days I tell ya

3rd executive order: I’m getting a tattoo! I always told myself I’d only get 1 tattoo ever in life; I will tattoo my wife’s name on my rib (Daz tuff right?). Well, if I’m going out in 24 hours, I’m a put that ink to my chest. It would be my last name Mlemchukwu, which means “I am looking at God” in Igbo. I’d add some thuggish quote like “Pain is Love” around it lol.

4th executive order: Summon all my nieces, nephews, little cousins, god sons, you name it. They gotta skip school for uncle T one time. We will run up a tab at Toys R Us and spend a couple hours playing around. I love my kids man

5th executive order: I’m pretty sure I’d only be able to fit one more executive order in my day. I would use my last action to go live on Facebook and talk with anyone paying attention. I’m dread going live currently because I can barely get people to like my posts let alone watch a live video of me haha. So I would take the chance to personally thank all my friends on video for their loyalty or advice throughout the years.

Here is to many prosperous years to come! What would your last moves be if you knew there were only 24 hours left to live? Once you think about this, realize that you should try to accomplish these if feasible.

*Tough exclusions: make a mixtape, do a stand-up comedy routine at a club, dance to bad and bougie (dat song goes toooo hard)

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