When a legend calls, you answer

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It was pure chance that I met Rahman (better known as Folabi). We both had applied for an accounting internship at a small company and were excited when we were awarded the positions.

We were complete strangers; two young men looking for resume builders and more importantly at the time, extra cash! I remember our first day on the job; we both were dressed for the part, only to find out our exciting internship was sort of a layman’s position. We literally were packing clothing and other items into boxes and moving them throughout a warehouse! I am hysterical writing this because we were young 20 and 21 year olds working with guys twice our age hurling boxes, moving pallets, loading trucks and other warehouse tasks. I am 100% sure we didn’t quit because $15 an hour at the time was all we needed to finance our summer festivities.

Rahman was the goofiest out of the entire bunch (I say that with a lot of love). There was an older gentleman that used to pick on him because he never liked getting his hands dirty. Good ole “John baby” aka “John Motherfucker” (literally what he would call himself). I had a good relationship with all the interns that summer, but Rahman always intrigued me due to his intellect. While myself and other interns were doing pushups in the warehouse and trying to lift heavy while working, Rahman was hiding out doing work in the most efficient way ever! I knew he was a smart individual and took an interest in picking his brain. Not only did we trade knowledge, he also introduced me to NABA (National Association of Black Accountants). NABA changed my life and it is all thanks to Rahman. See, UMBC didn’t have a NABA chapter, but guess who got me plugged in with the Morgan State chapter? Good ole Rahman. I don’t know how he did it but I attended NABA’s conference for free that year and had my life changed forever. Some freaky things happen when you have a weekend conference with college kids hahaha, but I also got introduced to the corporate world and learned how to navigate it through that conference.

Today, Rahman continues his excellence. Outside of his professional career, the man has part ownership in his newly minted family restaurant, has real estate and is the owner of his own photography company Oris Fhotos. I must say, that boy good. It has been a pleasure to know Rahman and he continues to inspire me. When I got the invite to his wedding, I dropped everything, because you want to stay close to greatness. Didn’t matter that I hadn’t been back to Nigeria for over a decade; the trip was planned and I witnessed a sublime wedding . Unfortunately I lost my phone in Nigeria so I can’t show you the pictures taken from the wedding. Rahman also plays personal counselor even though we rarely talk, but when we do its a conversation only few can partake/follow along.

Please take time to go review some of his work with Oris Fhotos. I have created a light slideshow to showcase some of his work here. I guarantee his excellence. If you are lucky to book Rahman, you will not be disappointed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you Rahman and congratulation on your union. Your friend and your fan – Tobe aka Thirst Miles.


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