Starting Over


I spent all of 2020 making excuses for why I couldn’t be consistent with my blog and YouTube channel. At some point, you must look in the mirror and detest what you see. So much for body positivity huh? I am not talking about that quarantine body of yours, but more so your lack of movement when it comes to your dreams.

So, what stopped me from doing all that I set out to do? There were a couple things: fear and laziness. I feared not blowing up; If I tried my best to grow my brand and didn’t amass a following, I would be hurt. They say the truth shall set you free, and that my friends is the cold hard truth. I got over my fear by resorting back to my “why.” I didn’t start this shit to get followers! I literally started this to help other young men in areas that I have mastered through years of failure. I only started worrying about followers once I started paying attention to my peers. Like the great Lavar Ball once said, “Stay In Yo Lane.” The 2nd thing was laziness and if you need a paragraph on what that was, leave my blog now lol. I was lazy! It’s hard work following your dreams and I literally turned a blind eye to ever getting serious.

For anyone that is new to the blog, feel free to browse all my previous content. I was told it was good, but then again, all my ex gf’s that told me that now hate my blog LOL. I apologize to anyone that believed in me and my blog; I’m on a resolve to do much better. Allow me to re-introduce myself. I created this blog almost 5 year’s ago and while some things have remained constant, a lot has changed. Here is a brief video telling you all about what’s new with me.

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