Strong Boys Fragile Men by George Hines Jr

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This was by far the most impactful book of the year for me. It’s a brutally honest recollection of the authors sexual lifestyle as a young man coupled with self-reflection and admonishment. While there are scenes in the book that any woman can enjoy, this feels like a must read for every man in their early 20’s. The author actually pens a letter to his 20 year-old-self where he imparts words of wisdom as an older man in his early 30’s. A couple of lines from that letter that stood out to me were:

The moment your desire for high income exceeds your desire to be processed you’ve already lost.

You can’t win their race; no matter how fast you are. You’ll only lose yourself.


This book is not for the faint of heart. Actually, I take that back; this book is exactly for the faint hearted man; the man who can’t take accountability of their actions in sexual encounters and quickly moves on to the next woman for comfort and a fresh start. As George mentioned in his book, “when your hands are full of old hurt you can’t receive new joy.” The start of the book can come off as raunchy, too extreme and borderline sexist, but I urge you to continue reading. When principalities and dark powers come after us in music and entertainment, there is little to no pushback on the overt and explicit vulgarity or sexual innuendos, so please bear with the author as he hides no detail in his truth.


The book is 184 pages long and the print was large and easy to read. I had no problems lying in bed reading it (sometimes books aren’t malleable and can’t be controlled with 1 hand which is uncomfortable in bed for me). There are no pictures in the book and the narrative is told in 1st person. There are A LOT of characters in the book (women) which make it a little hard to keep up with. Vulgar language is present, but it was well placed in the storyline and not excessive. The book is Bible based with scriptures sprinkled in every chapter, but I did have an issue with the MSG translation of the Bible. There were some scriptures I thought were over-diluted in my opinion.

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Why should you pick this book up?

As men, we must keep a close eye on our ego-system. Ego-system is a term I just made up, but it addresses the components that feed into your ego. This book is an open-heart surgery on male ego and most of the drivers that play apart in rotting a man. Women play a huge part in the ego of a man; when we get attention from women it makes us feel good and better than the next man. That feeling can drive you into thinking every woman that likes you needs to be another notch on your belt. This book is a raw and unfiltered movie about a man who had his ego stroked literally and figuratively, and in turn fell out of God’s favor. George gives you steps and advice on how to take control of your life and get back to living out your purpose. He also teaches broken boys how to love as men.


Don’t be afraid to pick this book up. I know many men will tell themselves “I’m good,” but you have to remember prevention is better than the cure. Reading this book will either cause you to rethink or reaffirm the way you love. I will leave you with my favorite paragraph from the book; it’s a prayer that I felt was so powerful! (Page 135 of the book)

Lord my current request is that you rid my heart of all the confusion. Free me from the guilt of my past. Silence the cries of the sons and daughters that I foolishly executed. Hug my special son. Tell him his daddy is sorry and that your love far exceeds any love that I could have ever attempted to give him here. Father, soothe my heart from the pain. I want to end it once and for all. Restore my love. Restore my trust, and as you redeem me and my bad debts, I promise to stay in your will, I don’t want you to ever forsake me. I am useless alone. I am nothing apart from you. Don’t ever allow me to leave your side. Spell out danger for me plainly so that I can shun my stubbornness and pride to clearly see your plan for my life. This is my entire truth Father. This is my purge from sorrow and regret.



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