Bevel: The New Household Name in Grooming?

Bevel has been making waves through media outlets lately. Tristan Walker, the genius behind the brand, is exemplary and a personal role model. To see a young man, influence the aged personal grooming arena is cool, but seeing him carve a niche in the African American community is even more impressive.

There is only one question: Do young African American men still use a shaving stick? I mean really, the last time I saw a shaving stick was with my ex-girlfriend (Shout out to any smooth skin females that have Bevel success stories).

Once I started to grow a beard, I heard shaving will give you razor bumps. I personally use clippers/trimmers to cut my beard and that goes for my peers too. Clippers probably won’t give you the closest shave, but I have never had an issue with bumps or needed to apply any shaving cream.

Shout out to Bevel for pushing the culture, but the Bevel Trimmer may be a better bet for the masses. No shade to Tristan, as he is a young titan breaking the mold in personal grooming; I am just looking forward to getting a fade with the bevel trimmer more than shaving.

I mean look at that precision! Plus, the Nas endorsement was genius! Who doesn’t want the signature fade with the Bevel blade?

To leave on a positive note, here is an insightful snippet into Tristan Walkers morning with his family.

“I work out 4 times a week. I started to pick up boxing again. I’m usually out of the house around 5:45 a.m. and then back to help get Avery ready for school by 7:15 a.m. I spend time with him while Amoy gets dressed and gets her lunch and stuff ready for work. Every day, I make sure I take him to the car and strap him in his carseat and say my goodbyes to him and Amoy.” – Tristan Walker (

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