Go See Birth of A Nation

I’m not an avid film watcher, but I must stress the importance of this movie to anyone of color. Don’t mean to segregate my audience, everyone is free to go see this.

Reasons to watch:

  1. African American History
    • I’ll be honest. I only hear about the “selected” African American heroes. The truth is that there were plenty of unsung heroes who were not deemed “fit” to be displayed to the public.
    • Another reminder of what our ancestors went through to pave the way for us. We have so many resources at our disposal. Birth of a Nation should spark a fire in you to go further than the limits placed on us. *Limits could be personally placed by ourselves.
    • Get a glimpse into the story of Nat Turner
  2. Nate Parker
    • He spent about 8 years making this movie….. Let that sink in…. He took 8 years of his life to deliver this. I don’t mind giving him a few bucks for his work.
    • Nate Parker’s past overshadowed this film. Why did a charge he was exonerated from matter when he was delivering a jewel to the people? There are many theories/ideas, but until America uses the same criticism on EVERYONE and not just black men in position to impact a mass audience…… kill the noise.


Go watch this! Buy the movie on DVD, Stream or catch it in a theater if still playing. It’s a really good movie!!


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