1st Blog Post!!

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Hey everyone, this is my first blog post on the site. Thanks for visiting. I wanted to give a quick overview of what the site is about.

This site centers around male development, black male development to be exact. Don’t give me any lip about “Black vs White.” Content on here can be used by anybody, but every major company has a tailored plan. Mine just happens to be focused on black males.

I will be posting about anything pertinent in my life that I feel could help someone else. My blog posts will contain personal experiences and hopefully experiences from other authors in the future. I will also post life hacks that I use in my life with clear instructions. Any good thing that happens to me will be posted as a testimony. Any bad thing that happens to me will also be posted as a cautionary/preventive tip.

I will be posting items from my closet up for sale at pretty low prices, so feel free to check out the store from time to time. Please give me feedback as that is the only way my content will get better. God bless and I hope you enjoy the site!

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