Nostalgia: Another Trip Down Memory Lane

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Once again, pardon the typos and the picture that I probably took with a blackberry camera! Ill post old things to give a look into my past, good or bad.

My last day as a Janitor at the bowling alley was today. For the past 3 months, I juggled being an underwriter, best buy employee and janitor! (As well as manage my company SneakerThirst LLC)

As it sinks in, the fact that I was a janitor, I can’t help but thank God for the fortitude He blessed me with. As a kid, I could never imagine picking up a position where I not only was underpaid, but also overworked. I cleaned bathrooms, wiped windows, emptied trash, you name it. I had no time for leisure! The original reason behind picking up a 2nd job was to save up some money and buy my mom her first washer and dryer set. Living by myself, paying bills, studying for the GMAT, handling my company and more didn’t allow me to make that purchase with just 1 job. The bowling alley was so quick to offer me something and my pride was nonexistent. I thought about what my mom would do if there was something I wanted when I was little. I’d go endless miles for that woman.

Well, today that episode of my life ends. I am getting my mom’s gift this weekend and I got into grad school. I have left many jobs, but this one hits the heart. I worked so many late nights and took orders from people who I knew more than lol. What would you do for some paper smh. If I can offer some encouragement to anyone else grinding, I’d tell them to find a getaway while hustling. My getaway were pushups. I can now do 100 pushups straight because I sneaked to the back on all my shifts and did pushups till I forgot my jobs difficulty.


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