Gotta Give the People What They Want: Jalen Rose

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I heard about this book from Jalen’s podcast. He hosts a sports podcast with David Jacoby and always keeps me in tune. Those two know what the people want to hear in regards to sports commentary and analysis. When I heard he had put out a book, I was eager to hear what he had to say.

At first glance of the cover, I thought to myself, “Das hawwrrdd.” My man graced the cover in a suit, bat in hand, and some timberland boots! I immediately thought “Detroit Michigan.” I am not from Detroit but I knew Jalen’s roots following the Fab Five 30 for 30 ESPN showcase and his career. The cover said he was rich, but will still ride with you through the hood to touch the people; at least to me that’s what it meant.

On to the contents of the book:

The book started off very dry for me; I can’t lie, the book is written exactly as he talks and I wasn’t used to reading books that didn’t sound “uppity.” I persevered through the first chapter and quickly realized my mistake and Jalen’s genius! This book was made to touch the people! It’s not made solely for accolades and best seller lists; but everyday people like me and you can relate to its diction and plot. Whether it was the story about running to grab jimmy’s for Dikembe Mutumbo as a rookie, or his story about being raised by a single mom and not ever wondering where his father was due to his mother’s extraordinary job, we can all relate to his story! I love this book once I finished reading it! He drops a lot of life lessons and advice in it as well. Some topics he touches on include Chris Webber and the Fab Five, his NBA journey, life as a co parent, his philanthropic endeavors, the JRLA and more!

Definitely pick this book up! I highly recommend it as it’s an easy but effective read!





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