Puerto Rico!


San Juan is a beautiful city! Me and 4 of my good friends toured San Juan for 4 nights in early November and had an absolute blast.  I love these guys who traveled with me and I look up to them in various ways. It’s not every day you meet men that are likeminded and demand the best from you. Mike, Rich, Lamont, and Prince are all close to me; in retrospect, I would not want to make this trip with any other group. We are a group of men that don’t get to hang out as often given our respective roles in the society, so whenever we link up, it’s a memorable occasion.

Day 1: We get into Old San Juan late in the afternoon and head out to grab a bite. I do not remember the place we went to eat, but it was a tourist spot (I had a burger and fries). This was our first night and we just wanted to run around the city. We find the nearest grocery store and bulk up on brunch items. We stayed in a 3 room Airbnb and wanted to save money by cooking in the morning. Hennessy was our drink of choice and we stocked up on a couple bottles. After a slight pregame we headed to a local bar to catch the Ravens vs Browns game (Ravens thrashed them boys), and the night ended with some slight salsa dancing at Code Bar & Lounge

Day 2: As time went on, the trip got more interesting. We started off the day chef-ing up some oatmeal, eggs, bread and juice. Mike burned the plantains, but we still love him lol. The day really got fun when we headed out for zip lining (Campo Rico Cave Rappelling and Zip lining). We took Uber everywhere (cue the song) and it worked out to be very cheap when split between all of us. Zip lining was unlike anything I had ever experienced. We flew over waters, between trees and trekked some adventurous trails. I rate this activity a 10/10! After our excursion, we chowed down courtesy of Campo Rico on some rice and Iguana meat (Ok I lied, it was a pork chop that I thought was Iguana meat). We were exhausted when we got home, so we took a nap, got up, pre gamed some more (listened to a lot of 21 savage and drank Henny w/Hypno) and headed out for another fun night. This time we went to La Placita. SO MUCH FUN. Anyone heading to Puerto Rico has to go to La Placita. It’s best described as a strip mall of random bars and clubs. So many choices and most do not have a cover charge. I danced the night away and we didn’t get back home until 5am in the morning.

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Day 3: The day started off rough! We all had hangovers but had an ATV appointment at 11:30! I don’t know how, but we made it (Caravali Rainforest Adventure Park fyi). Fast forward and I fell off my bike lol. Don’t ask me how; ok, I will tell you how. I’m a showoff and I love one upping my friends; they say I am the pettiest guy they know lol. I wanted to show off and started steering with 1 hand (I had never driven an ATV before), revving up my engine for no reason and trash talking Mike who was in front of me. Soooooo, I hit a curve and jumped off my bike before it flipped over. Now I’m riding on the back of another man, while my friends laugh on their bikes. Luckily for me, I got another bike to ride before the trip was over and was very humble in my riding methods. Once again, we get back home and take power naps before getting up and pre gaming to go to club Brava. This had a DC feel as it played a lot of Hip Hop and there were a lot of tourists. Didn’t matter to me, I danced the night away and got back home around 4am.

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Day 4: Our final night in San Juan. We all wanted to tour the city some more. We got up and made our way to El Yunque Rainforest. What a scenery! It took us over an hour to get to the rainforest, but it was well worth it. We had a 30-minute hike before reaching the La Mina waterfall which was glorious to say the least. I actually got directly under the waterfall! I felt like I just made African American history! We took a bunch of pictures, fell in the water more times than we wanted, laughed and really bonded as a group. Shout out to all my friends with water proof phones! That proved to be a good investment as I was the annoying friend who kept saying “Yo, take a pic of me” lol. We went home and repeated our routine of power naps and pre gaming before heading out to La Factoria. This was yet another place I enjoyed. I was out of my element as they played local music all night, but after I warmed up, I actually learned how to dance better and had a great time.

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In conclusion, San Juan turned out to be the best trip I had ever been on. It was filled with laughter, great scenery, good food and adventures. La Mallorca is a good brunch spot we went to on our last day. We went to a few spots that were good to eat, but I forgot their names.

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  1. I agree – San Juan is amazing. I actually went there last year, in the spring. The weather was just right and the pina colada’s were everywhere haha.

    Glad to know you had a good time!

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