Atlanta with the Crew 2017

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Another year, another vacation. I thank God for allowing me to take time away from work and explore a different city. I am also thankful for having friends that were selfless enough to come along for the ride. You guys are the best, just waiting on the first wedding I get to cut up at lol.

7 guys, 1 car, 1 Airbnb, 1 city and a whole lot of Hennessy. This was the making of one of my best weekends ever.



The idea for a trip collectively came from my friends Rich, Mike, Lamont and Prince. We had a successful trip to Puerto Rico and they suggested a sequel; destination originally set on Cancun Mexico. As negotiations began, all eyes turned to me as I had a birthday and graduation coming up in a few months. I stressed to the group that I didn’t want to do anything special, but they insisted their intent to celebrate with me. After a slight back and forth, I decided to take the road show to Atlanta GA!

We invited a couple other friends and started plotting on the trip. Some friends weren’t so responsive, but we are all adults and I simply moved on. It’s very rare to have a group of guys all talk things through and put up money well in advance of a trip. There was so much transparency and we all trusted each other with funds, so it wasn’t as stressful. We rented a 5-bedroom duplex with a basement from Airbnb, rented a private chef for the weekend, and settled on driving from MD to ATL. Driving was going to take 10 hours, but we had a couple of folks flying in and would have enough space in a 7 passenger GNC Yukon. Here is a recap of the trip!

Stone Mountain Park:

This trip was not only about night time activities! We all ran to the top of Stone Mountain and overlooked God’s glory. It cost us $15 for parking and the rest was paid out in sweat! Highly recommend visiting this park as it’s a good workout and the sights at the top of the mountain are beautiful.


Topgolf ATL:

My golf game definitely needs some work. This was my first time hitting the course (could probably tell from my terrible stance). We all chipped in and linked up with more friends to reserve a section with food, drinks and play time. Shout out to Kelechi for being the only girl that joined the crew!

Eleven45 (Day Party):

I must apologize to my boy Prince. He actually booked this table without our consent, but it turned out to be a good call. I had some bomb Chicken Alfredo and mixed with Henny, I could not be any happier. Vibes, vibes and more vibes. Shout out to Sophia for bringing her friends through!!


XS Night Club:

You can’t go to ATL and not party at XS, every time I visit, it’s a movie!! As you can tell from the picture, it was LIT. We were able to get a couple of sections and party the night away. More vibes! Tings everywhere! *In my fake Jamaican accent


Mansion Nightclub:

This club was the last stop in ATL. Wasn’t as fun as XS and our section was more expensive. Nonetheless, when you are around friends and Henny, there is never a dull moment. It was Memorial weekend so I threw on a patriotic bandana to complete the all white outfit.

Corpus Christi Catholic Church:

Never been to a Catholic Church more exciting than this one. I joked around and called this church “Trap Catholic.”

Caribbean Carnival ATL:

I can only speak facts. This was probably the weakest move we made this whole trip. As the twins noted, the carnivals in Baltimore and definitely Toronto will be so much better.

Conclusion: On the last day in ATL, we had brunch and a proper send off. 

ATL was so much fun. Its all about proper preparation! Here are more pics from the trip for your viewing:

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