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Atlanta with the Crew 2017

  Another year, another vacation. I thank God for allowing me to take time away from work and explore a different city. I am also thankful for having friends that were selfless enough to come along for the ride. You guys are the best, just waiting on the first wedding I get to cut up ...

Random NY Trip

I live in Delaware which is close to NY, so I decided to take a trip and check out some museums. I went to the Whitney (my favorite) and the MoMA. The Suit and dress shirt was from Banana Republic and the shoes were from DSW.

Puerto Rico!

San Juan is a beautiful city! Me and 4 of my good friends toured San Juan for 4 nights in early November and had an absolute blast.  I love these guys who traveled with me and I look up to them in various ways. It’s not every day you meet men that are likeminded and ...