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Men’s Fashion 101: Wear the suit, don’t let the suit wear you!

So thankful for yet another opportunity to connect with my audience. Before I dive into the subject matter of the day, I’d like to thank all my followers that appreciated my last post. The love was abundant and I got to reach more people through the retweets, shares and comments.   Now let’s speak on ...

Atlanta with the Crew 2017

  Another year, another vacation. I thank God for allowing me to take time away from work and explore a different city. I am also thankful for having friends that were selfless enough to come along for the ride. You guys are the best, just waiting on the first wedding I get to cut up ...

Ainsley & Troupe: Men’s Fashion Brand

Pictures say more than words, so i put together a mini photoshoot to showcase my friend's fashion brand for men. Ainsley&Troupe is Ronald Callendar's creation. Ron, as I call him, went to University of Maryland Baltimore County with me. We had many battles on the hardwood, but always had a mutual respect off the court. I ...

Random NY Trip

I live in Delaware which is close to NY, so I decided to take a trip and check out some museums. I went to the Whitney (my favorite) and the MoMA. The Suit and dress shirt was from Banana Republic and the shoes were from DSW.

1st Photoshoot Ever!

So this is the result of meeting a good friend that happens to be a photographer. What cha think? Am I Nigeria's next top model?? Anywayyyyys, I went to the Loch Raven Reservoir for this shoot. YSL kicks and levis jeans. Summ slight ya digg.