Men’s Fashion 101: Wear the suit, don’t let the suit wear you!

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So thankful for yet another opportunity to connect with my audience. Before I dive into the subject matter of the day, I’d like to thank all my followers that appreciated my last post. The love was abundant and I got to reach more people through the retweets, shares and comments.


Now let’s speak on the topic! Men’s suits. I may not be an expert when it comes to suit’s but I think I have enough experience trying on different suits to give advice to the average guy looking to spice up his wardrobe. Think I could use some advice? Drop a comment or message and I’ll be sure to thank you!


Below are a few styles I’ve donned in the past.


Get your measurements: Do not walk into a store or visit a website without knowing your exact measurements! You may have put on a few pounds or lost some, so try and get your measurements every time you go through a noticeable physical change. This 1st step is very important because it gives you discernment on what you can and can’t do. Knowing your exact measurements will save you time going through countless shops trying on suit jackets and pants.

I also recommend staying within a (+/-) 2-size range if you are going to experiment: Don’t buy a size 48 jacket if you wear a size 42. Although tailors can help in these situations, you want to try and have a suit fit best with no alterations. It’s just like your body; when you gain 20 pounds and have to lose it, you may end up leaving some loose skin after that transformation.

VIP MEASUREMENTS – Neck, Sleeves, and pant inseam. (Find a local tailor or walk into a men’s clothing boutique to get measured)

Accessorize: The old suit you have sitting in your closet may not be ready to retire just yet! Jazz it up with some accessories and revitalize that old timer. DO NOT OVER-ACCESSSORIZE. This is one way men ruin a good suit; if you ever look at your outfit and get a slight headache, that is not good lol. Be cognizant of mixing too many patterns together and if you aren’t sure, get a woman’s opinion. Women are very good with spotting out a pattern faux pas. I use a lot of pocket squares, lapel pins, socks, cuff links, tie bars and collar pins to jazz up my suits.


I’m going to make it easy on you by dropping some of my favorite retailers here!



Benola Crystale


Must be the Shoes: Step your shoe game up fellas! Put the sneakers away for a quick second and slip on some hard bottoms. Don’t know where to start? Set a budget of at least $160 (a good pair of shoes is an investment) and follow these simple steps to get a quality pair of shoes.

  • The knock test – I don’t know where I got this test from, but it hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Knock on the bottoms of the shoe and you should hear a sturdy sound. Stay away from rubber outsoles as they will wear quicker.
  • Stay in the neutral zone! – Don’t you dare pick up that red pair of dress shoes, who you think you are? Keep it simple with different shades of brown and black dress shoes. I have seen some good looking colored dress shoes, but these are usually loafers/slippers.
  • Bend the shoe – When in the store, bend the shoe and see how it reacts to a little wear. If the shoe does not return to a near brand new state, don’t buy it. That shoe will look ran over after a few wears! I have plenty of dress shoes that still look good after years of wear and good care

A good place to start shopping would be DSW. They have a good selection of marked down shoes and most are high quality. Just have to do your digging.


I will leave you with these three tips, but be sure to be confident in your suit! As the title states, wear the suit, don’t let the suit wear you!


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