Congratulations to All 2017 Graduates!

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I graduated with my Masters in Finance on May 20th 2017, one day after I celebrated my 27th birthday. Can God have given me any better gift? He always tops His latest feat with bigger and more unfathomable blessings as long as I am faithful.
I’d love to share some wise words from my commencement. Rev. James J. Martin addressed us and dropped a 10 piece meal for our consumption. Read below about the 10 things to remember in life (paraphrased)

  1. You aren’t God; this ain’t Heaven, and life isn’t all roses
  2. Don’t be a jerk – control your emotions
  3. Your deepest desires are Gods desires for you
  4. You really can be your best self – God is not done with you. Whenever you face a tough decision, ask yourself “What would my best self do?”
  5. Cant force ppl to like/love/approve of you
  6. Stop comparing yourself to other people
  7. Be yourself or stop trying to be someone else. Being holy means being you. God doesn’t make crap
  8. Do the hard thing. Just do it
  9. Listen to the right voices
  10. Happiness and freedom are linked

Bonus – Add these words to your everyday conversations with God and people: I love you, thank you God, forgive me, why not, and yes


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