Author: longlivetobe

Strong Boys Fragile Men by George Hines Jr

This was by far the most impactful book of the year for me. It’s a brutally honest recollection of the authors sexual lifestyle as a young man coupled with self-reflection and admonishment. While there are scenes in the book that any woman can enjoy, this feels like a must read for every man in their

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I look like the “dickhead” brother who can’t settle down

There are a handful of directions I could have taken with this post. I was blessed to take a vacation with my beautiful family, something we have not done in decades. The picture you see covers three generations from my mom, me and my siblings, and the younger nephews and nieces. As I prepared to

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Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Another book etched off my list! After thoroughly enjoying Half of a Yellow Sun, I gave the author another go around and I’m happy that the outcome was similar. Now I stopped reading at a voracious pace this year, heck, I believe this is my 1st completed book this year! I understand when you (yes

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