My Review of “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho

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I finally finished reading another book, and although this was a short read, life has its way of distracting you. The Alchemist is one of those books that everyone tells you to read. I’ve heard famous people also reference this book with my most recent memory being Big Sean. I listen to a lot of Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club interviews and the host had asked Big Sean what books he reads. He mentioned he reads a lot of the same books over and over. Sure enough, I dug up some of his twitter history and he was right! (Looks like he read this in 2010, but still reads it today in 2017).

Big Sean

I am usually anti the popular notion, but after hearing so much about the book and finding it lying on my older sister’s shelf, I gave in. The book is 167 pages to be exact and kept me interested from the start. There are many versions of the book and I read the 20th anniversary edition and it is currently online for $2.15. The last excuse one should have about not reading this book is expense or its availability! Now, allow me to join the congregation; this book is a MUST read (unless you are consumed with illuminati studies). Since the book is really short, I’ll give this review without any hints at the plot and just say that this book holds many principles that can be applied to personal lives. An alchemist in my simple interpretation, is someone who can turn anything into Gold. Big Sean also raps on his latest album “Everything around me gold like I just practiced alchemy, I realized when it came to girls that chemistry means way more than anatomy.”

Go ahead and give this book a try, and then hit me up so we can talk about it in detail! I know after I read this book, I felt realigned with chasing my dreams and listening to my heart that is filled with God’s subtle messages.

I pulled these 10 life lessons garnered from the book at the author Paulo Coelho’s website.

  1. Fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself
  2. What is “true” is always endure
  3. Break the monotony
  4. Embrace the present
  5. Your success has a ripple-effect
  6. Make the decision
  7. Be unrealistic
  8. Keep getting back up
  9. Focus on your own journey
  10. Always take action

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