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Love sucks and I’m never dating again

We meet, we date, and we fall in love to live happily ever after. Why can’t it always be this easy? What happens when you are dating someone and it goes up in flames? (For this post, anything less than marriage is a failed relationship). I find it sad when someone gives up on love

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Are you a Man or a Young Man?

Life is sweet! I haven’t been as consistent with my blog posts due to everything God has been revealing to me. I’m 100% sure I’ll be going back to school this spring, getting a new apartment, visiting more family members, traveling, and taking on new responsibilities at work. That’s just to name a few things

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Tobe’s law of friendship.

If I call you a friend, we must distinguish competing from inspiring. As we get older, different plateaus are being scaled, new heights reached and additional wealth is being amassed. I personally have seen relationships deteriorate due to jealousy and envy in situations where love should conquer all those feelings. As a friend in competition,

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