Mark & Shanel: Becoming The Baylor’s

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On Saturday, November 7th 2016, Mark Baylor and Shanel Creary tied the knot, and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance. Mark, a high school friend turned lifelong brother, asked me to be part of his groomsmen (should have been best man, but I’ll save bashing Samuel Sheldon any further lol).

Let’s dig a little bit into my relationship to Mark. I met Mark in the 10th grade through a mutual friend. I was just a 15/16-year-old kid trying to be cool like everyone else. Mark was one of the freshest guys when it came to kicks and he had a car. Our mutual friend told me about Mark and said he usually buys shoes from Mark. So here I came wanting to get in on the deal. Mark not only sold me some very quality Jordan sneakers for “da low,” but he also let me and my friend practice driving in his car. He might not remember or acknowledge this, but I learned how to drive using his car! Fast forward a few years later and Mark was almost closer to me than our mutual friend. I have seen Mark at his worst, and I am glad to say, I saw Mark at his absolute best on Saturday. His wife is a “been been,” which basically means she been riding with him from jump street. I thank God for securing their union and letting me witness this glorious event.

The wedding took place at the The Presidential in Pennsylvania. The bride was absolutely gorgeous in her gown and I shed a tear when I saw her meet Mark. I shed a tear because Mark had matured from this “Fresh yo” to a “Grown man” and he had the ultimate blessing from God to help guide him moving forward in life. Mark wasn’t too shabby either, he had on a white tux jacket and black pants. The bridesmaids were also gorgeous and I will get into them on another post lol. The groomsmen included 3 of my high school classmates and 1 mutual friend. WE WAS CUTTING UP all weekend lol. Sam still has his humor (idk how his wife puts up with him lol), Cheatam caught that L on the dance floor (We got the footage) and Charles, well he was just MIA lol. The real MVP of the group was Josh, aka Slick. Josh actually lives 15 min from me in Delaware and is a very intelligent guy. He was the main culprit in the weekends shenanigans, including attracting a certain older aunty lol.

I had a blast and I really look up to guys like Mark and Sam for taking that natural step of finding a wife. You da man Mark! May God bless your union and I pray for multiple kids, laughter, and memories on the way to eternity!


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