Life Hack #2: Cut Down on Dry Cleaning Costs

Hey! It’s my 1st video so cut me some slack. I promise I’ll get better! Hope it’s not too long and that this life hack can help you in some way. Advertisements

Life Hack #1

Just Start. Often times, starting is the hardest part. Once you get going, you will quickly get into a rhythm that could last for hours. - Anonymous I am going to publish a lot of life hacks that have personally worked for me or someone I know. The range of topics will be widespread, but ...

Bevel: The New Household Name in Grooming?

Bevel has been making waves through media outlets lately. Tristan Walker, the genius behind the brand, is exemplary and a personal role model. To see a young man, influence the aged personal grooming arena is cool, but seeing him carve a niche in the African American community is even more impressive.

Go See Birth of A Nation

I'm not an avid film watcher, but i must stress the importance of this movie to anyone of color. Don't mean to segregate my audience, everyone is free to go see this.

1st Blog Post!!

Hey everyone, this is my first blog post on the site. Thanks for visiting. I wanted to give a quick overview of what the site is about. This site centers around male development, black male development to be exact. Don't give me any lip about "Black vs White." Content on here can be used by ...


Nostalgia: Another Trip Down Memory Lane

Once again, pardon the typos and the picture that I probably took with a blackberry camera! Ill post old things to give a look into my past, good or bad. My last day as a Janitor at the bowling alley was today. For the past 3 months, I juggled being an underwriter, best buy employee ...


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