My not so little sister Krystal

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It’s Wednesday right? That’s how the WCW posts usually start lol. I don’t know what prompted this thought; but I have been very reticent when it comes to the women in my life. I don’t call or express my love enough. One day at a time, I will change that!

I recently took a road trip with my lovely sister Krystal and my nephew Jireh to Atlanta. We went to see my elder brother Junior and his wife and two sons. The ride was tiresome, with both of us taking turns driving and sleeping. In hindsight, I missed another chance to express my love for my sister during the trip. I got caught up in how long the ride was, them crying ass kids (I love my nephews lol), brunching in ATL and just being selfish.

sowwwy Krystal for the candid pic lol, but i thought this captured motherhood at its core. It’s a tough job!


Krystal is my 1st WCW ever (If I ever told you otherwise, I was trying to hit on you), and the love is real. I met her in 1994, and only started loving her post 2000 (we used to fight all the time as kids lol). She used to help me sell sneakers, sneak me out the house, and held many of my secrets. Our relationship took a pivot once she found herself and decided to break off from the family culture. This is just a factual statement, I never lost love for her, it just became tough to visit the family and then visit Krystal. Hopefully she understands that I always am down to ride for her! And if she doesn’t, I failed as a big brother because she should never feel that way.

She is now a married woman who is an exemplar of faith in her household, and believe it or not, in my life as well. I look at her and see God working on the little girl who I used to play fight with, I now see a mother, a warrior, a wife and a personal trainer (she always tryna school me on workouts lol).

Here is to my WCW! I love you Krystal! The last thing I will share is the speech I gave at her wedding where I had the privilege of walking her down the aisle.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.34.21 AM.png


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