Creative Hands Videography Production

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Would ya look at God! Is this the Martin aka Beezy of yesteryear? I recall languishing out in the commons spitting freestyles and cracking jokes with Martin and our mutual friend Konstantine. If there was a degree in time wasting, we probably would be front runners for valedictorians! Some years later and Martin sends me a text, showing me his latest masterpiece. A stunning video capturing a wedding from start to finish. This is what life is about, seeing your friends grow and master their talents!

Martin owns Creative Hands Videography Production and specializes in (you guessed it) videography. In 2017, memories need to be properly revered and I can vouch first hand to the fastidious intellect Martin has for turning your event into a long-lasting memoir. Whether you need an advertisement for a business, or just have a big celebration, Martin will work with you. He is NOT cheap, but rather the best value for your dollar. Cheap is a terrible word to associate with art, and that is exactly what Martin is, an artist. As I mentioned, he will try his best to work with you, so don’t hesitate to speak to him regarding your situation. Look at his portfolio on Vimeo

Check out his latest video, a real tear jerker! I saw this and wanted to drop down on one knee and tie my shoes (no bae yet lol).

Oh yeah, its Friday right? Lets give a little flashback Friday love: Martin helped me work on an advertisement for my company a couple of years back. I am no longer running this company (this i regret), but Martin and his company were a catalyst to new business once i displayed his work.

Lets take it back a little bit further! This was very early in the game for Martin, before the company had started. His skills have come a long way hahaha. We go wayyyyy back like a 8 track lol.

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