MLK Weekend 2017 Recap.

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What an eventful weekend it was! Not only did I have a 3-day weekend, but I also commemorated the late Dr. King on Monday by attending a couple of service and discussion events. I met some new faces, ate good food and picked up a new book to read.

The weekend kicked off with my good friend Frances taking me out for brunch. Imagine that! She actually treated lol. There is a reason behind the kind deed; I have been friends with her for quite some time and she wanted to celebrate my recent accolades: graduating from Loyola, creating my blog, getting a promotion and life in general. She picked the Beacon Bar & Grill in NW DC, and I had no objections, seeing as she was treating lol. She was late…. I already chewed her out for that lol, but we soon got down to business throwing down bottomless mimosa’s and laughing over life’s events. The venue had a regal look to it, and I loved the paintings, wine bottles and classic piano placements. Once we finished being millennials, taking Instagram and Snapchat pictures, we actually ate our food. Shorty gave me a 3 course meal lol, so I started off with the Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Parfait, followed by the Walk of Shame Breakfast Burrito (chill on me, it’s just a name lol) and concluded with the Tiramisu Coffee Cake.

Moving forward to Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, my day commenced at 8am driving to a local school in Wilmington DE to clean up the streets. I met some cool guys as we swept the city streets, including Mr. Kevin Kelley. Kevin actually is the father to my coworker Kevin Kelly Jr., and he had a plethora of information to share about Wilmington. I learned about Dr. King’s mentor, Dr. Vernon Johns, who nobody really speaks about. I met some kids, who were enthused with my Balenciaga kicks, surreptitiously whispering to their friends, “He got Balenciaga’s on.” After cleaning up the city, we marched through the city streets chanting Dr. King and spreading positive vibes. It was refreshing to see a mass of people varying in age and race, simply having a good time. I know that would have made Dr. King smile if he were here. We halted at the school’s auditorium where performances took place and food was dispersed. After eating, I went home for a quick nap and linked up with my good and new found friend Josh aka Slick. We were headed to Baltimore to listen to a distinguished writer and photographer speak on MLK and his legacy. Teju Cole is the speaker’s name, and it was great to hear him provide insight on how he interprets pictures from the civil rights up to today’s time. I purchased Teju’s book “Known and Strange Things” and will post my review as soon I finish reading it.

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MLK Weekend 2017 was so fulfilling. I ate well, served the community and engaged in quality discourse. When I think of Dr. King, I think of his poise in the face of adversity, his agenda and the fortitude he had in sticking to it. May we be a strong as Dr. King in our goals and never let the enemy sway our focus.

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