Nostalgia: Post From December 2013

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I used to write a lot. Here is a post I wrote in December 2013 to give you a glimpse of where I have come from. Pardon the language and typos.

2013 has been one for the books; I can’t pick one word to sum it up. I really don’t even know where to start. I’m just going to start a list and keep on writing. Here it goes: In 2013,

  1. I bought my mom an awesome Christmas gift
  2. I made a new website
    1. Oh yeah, if you don’t know by now, check out the site It’s a major upgrade from the old site and we have seen bigger audiences.
    • 2 pairs, the black and the red ones. Uhhhhhhhhhhh *Master P grunt
  3. I bought Balenciaga’s
    • Real Nigga shit…… But I’m never going back lol. That type of pain should be reserved for criminals.
  4. I got waxed
    • I cried like a little girl. I couldn’t stand to see my grandmother, the prototype of strength and vigor, on a sick bed. Lord knows I was not ready for my Grandma to go.
  5. My grandmother had a tumor
    • Adrienne and JT. My lil warriors. I already know I’m going to nickname JT “Simba” since he is the first male of my next generation
  6. I got a new niece and nephew
    • I will be attending Loyola pursuing my MS in Finance. Yayy shorty
  7. I got into grad school
    • Yup, I lost a pretty good girl. Wish her nothing but the best. You know the worst and best thing about being me? I get way too emotional. Its good because I can genuinely care for someone and be thorough with how I feel, but it’s bad because I take things way too seriously and sometimes act irrationally due to my emotions.
  8. I lost my girlfriend
    • Third time might be the charm tho
  9. I got declined for a business loan. Twice
    • Best Buy, Carrabas, Maryland Live Casino, AMF lanes, and my full time job. Crazy right lol. Not to mention I have a business (
  10. I worked a total of 5 different jobs lol
    • Yeah Muhhhfuga. I actually miss the….. wait, hold up, nahhh I don’t. I have a 1 bedroom apartment away from the city and DC. It’s me against the world. It’s pretty cool and I will be updating my home theater system soon. (FLEXXX!!) *Waka voice
  11. I moved out of my mom’s basement
    • This was cool, but simultaneously un-cool. Who wants to get used to working all week lol? On the bright side, my boss/manager is super cool and I have been getting into the office a lot earlier than last year lol.
  12. I worked my first complete year as a full time salary employee
    • Oh my sibling’s aunt got nothing on me. Moms about to be cooking for me 24/7 lol
  13. I heard from pops- Nuff said

Well, that’s all I can recall right now. Needless to say, 2013 was a BLAST. Let’s keep it moving in 2014!


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