Julius Erving: The Autobiography

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Dr. J the legend, Julius Erving the man! I got this book from an ex-girlfriend who knew how much I loved Dr. J. At one point (I love you ma, I swear I do) I thought my mom stepped out and had me with the Doc lol. This book was really insightful, but if you aren’t a basketball fanatic, I would say it’s not imperative you read this.

Dr. J goes through his childhood, his first dunk, college life at UMass, meeting Kareem Abdul Jabbar, his professional basketball career and so much more! I became a Teddy Pendergrass fan because of this book; Dr. J was good friends with the legend and detailed some of his struggles. It takes a man to admit fault, but the book dug into the similar “athlete can’t control himself with women” narrative. Lots of pictures to stare at in amazement and the book will keep you entertained.

The reoccurring theme with Black men in power is the lack of monogamy and weakness to lust. This book taught me once again to be careful to safeguard against the downfall of having MULTIPLE women. Just like God’s grace is sufficient for me, 1 woman is all that I need! Anymore and there will be problems.

If you love basketball, Go Cop That. If you don’t love basketball, it’s entertaining but not a must have.

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