Pretty Little Fears

Now I just wanna know, don’t just sugarcoat

Say it all if you want

Could you tell me like it is, pretty little fears

Music to my ears – 6LACK

It is difficult being with me.

I wake up with a vision from God telling me to start my own business. You thought we were just having brunch and a nice bonding session today. I rush brunch to do research on what type of entity I need to create and all the tax ramifications.

I prayed on my future and now I enlist for the CFA program. A 3 year (at minimum) program that will require my keen attention for at least 6 months a year. A healthy woman thinks of her future, career, family, kids etc. Pardon me as I rain on that parade for a little bit (and sing God’s Plan by Drake as I do so).

I love my bros and if they down for a “tough mudder” or marathon, its “grab the cleats!” A woman’s body changes as she gets older… stress, family, career, love etc., contribute to your God given figure. You don’t know how to keep up with me, but I’m not the most observant. I just keep running and expect you to keep up.

It is far from easy being with me.

The scenarios I painted above describe my entire life in relationships. Im “driven!” Only issue with drive is that there can only be one driver and steering wheel. Another issue is that women drive too. What happens when a man meets another driver of the opposite sex and wants to create a journey?

Three words: Grand Theft Auto (Get the fuck out that car baby, let me take the wheel and head to the back seat, my homie/moms/career etc., gotta sit in the front).

Soooo I was definitely working on a longer post, but I need a get out of jail card. I will not miss out on my Christmas gift!!!! So enjoy what I have thus far lol.

Life is full of turns, make sure you hold on and secure what matters. You matter to me! So i’ll sacrifice breaking the aesthetic of my cool blog to get a smile out of you. You better read this too lmaooo.

I’m on Offset’s side lmao (I ain’t cheat tho lol)

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 12.42.10 PM



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