How I became Rich: Multiple Streams


I am a finance guy; my love for the subject has grown steadily ever since my older brother talked me out of studying mechanical engineering for undergraduate studies (I’m Nigerian aka STEM or die). Thankfully, God blessed me with a job right out of school in my field and I have climbed that corporate ladder all the way to the middle-class lunch table. Corporate America has its way of discounting your value while asking for premium output. Reminds me of a pimp/ho relationship with a great dental/vision plan. I would be selling you a dream if I told you working solely at one job will get you rich. Proper investing and finding other source of income will help you along your journey.

I started to think of ways to brainstorm alternative income sources. I thought about getting another job and was quickly turned off; I can’t leave pimp #1 and clock right back in with pimp #2 lol. I then started to think of a business I can start to provide that much needed income. We all have seen those powerful motivational speakers that urge you to find a need that you can provide a solution for, but that is easier said than done. I was stumped! I couldn’t get past the start-up costs and how long it would take me to breakeven; I was a mess. My intervention came once I started to let God guide my thoughts (I know, here I go speaking about my faith again). Sometimes we order God instead of the other way around. The simplest prayer taught to us states: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Such a simple prayer we fall into the habit of reciting but not following the instructions. Proverbs chapter 9 speaks of wisdom as a woman who has built her house and it states in verse 4: “Let all who are simple come to my house.” Keep it simple stupid!

When thinking of how you are going to become richer, remember that God has already equipped you with the necessary tools! So, I shut up and listened, and one by one, things started to approach me. I no longer had the desire to set up multiple streams of income; it changed into a desire to set up multiple streams of joy. You heard me correct, I started to follow the things that brought me joy and let His will be done. The word rich can pertain to things other than money and in my situation, it referred to relationships. Once I began to do things I loved without worrying about the money, I created and fostered fulfilling relationships. I met various new people through blogging, podcasting, volunteering and studying. Below you will find my multiple streams of joy; I am still not making money from none of these ventures, but patience is a virtue.

2 Samuel verse 8: “This is what the Lord Almighty says: I took you from the pasture, from tending the flock, and appointed you ruler over my people Israel.”

Tobe’s 5 Streams of Joy


  1. – This is the blog I run to serve as a tool for all men. I have been told I tend to be “in my feelings” on here, but it honestly is my outlet to express my personal areas of improvement, offer advice to others, and spread the gospel.
  2. Corporate Coke & Smack (link) – Started a podcast with a good friend and the rest is history. We bring an audience in with our raw, unedited, and witty analysis of the culture. We then proceed to feed everyone with investing and financial tips once they are seated.
  3. For Our Boys Mentoring Program (link) – This is an awesome initiative that was brought about by a single mother with a son that just wanted him to get additional support. God really led me here and for the past 6 months I’ve cemented positive relationships with parents, mentors and mentees. We meet monthly and I actually led the last session on Friends x Social Mediamentoring
  4. Express Igbo Treasurer (link) – Ndi Igbo ga di! I am Nigerian, from Igbo land. I always have wanted to give back to Nigeria, but its difficult given my location. Express Igbo allows me to do that by promoting and teaching the Igbo language throughout the US. As a treasurer, I have gotten valuable experience with non-profits, financial reporting and analysis, professionalism and most importantly connected with my people. We meet once a month for team meetings and there are always ad-hoc tasks every month to take care of (s/o to the squad).   27993191_1746648462062657_2131779233502011932_o.jpg
  5. DE Cyberkidz Program administrator – I became the co-lead on the Cyberkidz program which is a statewide program in Delaware that educates students in the 4th through 12th grade on cybersecurity. Each age group has a tailored/specific curriculum and we go to various schools to present for an hour to the kids. Kids, I tell ya (look in the lower left lol). 23754989_131864957519724_1057875117240954744_n

In Conclusion, do exactly what brings you joy. I am not telling you to quit your job that feeds the family and keeps the light on, but find a way to get closer to your joy. I pray you find your joy and it coincides with God’s will; if this occurs we will always be rich.

Protect Your Peace.

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