Ainsley & Troupe: Men’s Fashion Brand

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Pictures say more than words, so i put together a mini photoshoot to showcase my friend’s fashion brand for men. Ainsley&Troupe is Ronald Callendar’s creation. Ron, as I call him, went to University of Maryland Baltimore County with me. We had many battles on the hardwood, but always had a mutual respect off the court. I genuinely love to see people hustle and gravitated towards his brand to show support. Little did i know Ron would go on to produce one of my best fitting double breasted suits EVER (and I got a lot of suits). I became his first client for his suit line and I am honored to help promote the brand. Enough talking, check out the pics below and visit Ainsley&Troupe for their wonderful expertise.


Too much exposure never hurt anyone lol
The “text me your bride price” face

The look away pose has guided me since 2010!


Getting a compliment mid picture lol. 
Looking away with the “might have to use the restroom” hand signal


That suit was on point!
Assassin smooth
Ok, last look away pose. 
Told you it was the last one



New Suit, who dis?



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